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Create with a perfect combination of Compact Grade Laminate & matching MFC.

Available as a 12mm board in 2800mm x 1854mm and 3670mm x 1630mm.

Crafted using 100% recycled materials and produced using green energy, the board minimizes environmental impact. Its wipeable surface simplifies maintenance, making it an ideal choice for spaces that require frequent cleaning. Additionally, Fundermax boasts impressive durability, being scratch and impact resistant, guaranteeing longevity and resilience.

Take a look at the collection of decors below and discover how you can create with Fundermax.

0606 FH Arctic White

0762 FH Neutral Grey Medium

0077 FH Charcoal

0630 FH Sea Green

0718 FH Arctic

0682 FH Orange

0026 FH Prado Alu Grey

0085 FH White

0761 FH Neutral Grey Dark

0080 FH Black

0876 FH Frosted Green

0717 FH Atlantic

0210 FH Intensive Red

0027 FH Prado Agate Grey

0733 FH Hygenic White

2206 FH Fango

0010 FH Mango

0893 FH Emerald Green

0023 FH Lamar

0842 FH Blackberry Cupcake

0328 FH Brushed Aluminium

0074 FH Pastel Grey

0755 FH Warm Grey Dark

0725 FH Yellowish Green

0591 FH Fir Green

0237 FH Gentian Blue

0559 FH Punto Pastel Grey

3426 FH Scandio

4029 FH Dark Eucalyptus

0607 FH Loen Ash

0260 FH Arezzo Walnut

0361 FH Serenissima Ash

0940 FH Truffle Cottage Oak

0551 FH Whitney Chestnut

0419 FH Pinero Pine

4059 FH Llonga Elm

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