WHY Kronospan?

We've been busy with our friends at Kronospan discussing WHY customers should be using their products...

1. Sustainability Model

Kronospan uses 85% recycled materials and 15% sawmill waste to create their chipboard that can itself be recycled multiple times. Dan, Sustainability Manager at Kronospan UK, explains how the company constructs an entire system where next to nothing goes to waste. 

2. Circularity Process

Making maximum use of recycling the wood, traps CO2 in the Kronospan board for as long as possible. Within this time frame, Kronospan can grow more trees, making the chipboard CO2 negative and promoting their circular economy.

3. Cleaning Up Their Act

The challenge is on... The UK has a tougher time when it comes to cleaning their recycled content. Ben, CFO at Kronospan UK, explains more about the issues that have faced them in the past.

4. The Cleaning Tower

We take a look at the contaminants that are found in the recycled material at the beginning of Kronospan's cleaning process and Tolly, Graduate Technician at Kronospan UK, tells us all about what goes on in their super duper cleaning tower.

5. The Cleaning Process

Take a look more closely at the process that the recycled wood goes through to become squeaky clean at the other end. Remember, 85% recycled wood joins the 15% sawmill residue which means that this is one sustainable, carbon negative chipboard! Drop that mic Kronospan.

6. Help is available

Different manufacturers produce chipboard in different ways, with different amounts of resin, different paper, etc. Boards will be different when cutting them. Ben, CFO at Kronospan UK, explains how help is at hand.

7. Unique Decors

The Harmony Collection is a superb example of what can be achieved when the texture and decor are combined. Using multi-dimensional synchronised embossing, Kronospan creates seamless harmony with a high-end look and feel. PLUS a colour palette that works in both commercial and domestic sectors. Hannah, Marketing Manager at Kronospan UK, doesn't hold back... "We own it!"

Sharing sustainable values with our suppliers is crucial for nurturing a responsible and eco-conscious supply chain. We work closely with Kronospan to reduce our environmental impact, and ensure long-term business resilience. By aligning values, we can collaboratively drive innovation, reduce waste, and create a more sustainable future, benefiting both parties and the planet.

Speaking of Harmony... take a look at the Harmony decors from Kronospan.

Click for the Harmony decors